Wednesday Workshops

Wednesday WorkshopsTo complement the IIeX Forums, we are thrilled to be hosting hands-on, interactive workshops focused on implicit measurement. Please note this is an invitation-only event. Attendance is also open to attendees of the IIeX Forums (Behavioral Marketing Forum and Nonconscious Impact Measurement Forum).
IIeX Forums Workshops

Wednesday, November 11th
J. Walter Thompson New York
466 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Registration begins at 8:30 AM.

In this workshop, participants will gain deep knowledge into implicit methods and how to incorporate them into their existing research framework.  The sessions will feature hands-on training from five expert behavioral scientists, technologists, and insights professionals.  The session will include one-on-one interaction and training with implicit research technology and a robust dialogue on best-practices for design and business application.  Participants will walk away from this workshop with their own implicit research study ready for deployment and the knowledge of how to create new implicit studies for brand positioning, concept testing, ad testing, package testing and more.

  • Science behind implicit methods (Aaron Reid, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist and Cyrus McCandless, Director of Behavioral Science at Sentient Decision Science)
  • Data that results from implicit testing (Nate Decker, Ph.D., Behavioral Scientist at Sentient Decision Science)
  • Business applications for implicit research (Stephen Springfield, Senior VP, Brand Strategy at Sentient Decision Science)
  • Practical Design and Survey Integration (Clint Taylor, VP, Strategic Technologist at Sentient Decision Science)

This workshop is highly relevant for both client and supplier-side researchers as Sentient Prime SaaS enables global access to the Consumer nonconscious.


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Meet the Speakers


Aaron Reid, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist

As an entrepreneurial consumer psychologist, Dr. Reid founded Sentient Decision Science, Inc. to bring the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to business in a practical and accessible format. Sentient is a leading behavioral science based research and consulting firm providing best-in-class implicit research technology, applied behavioral economics and marketing science based brand consulting to optimize product, pricing and promotion development and emotionally differentiate brands through strategic positioning and communications.


Cyrus H.McCandless, Ph.D., Director of Behavioral Science

Dr. Cyrus H. McCandless is the recipient of four competitive federal awards to support his research into the neurophysiology of behavior and cognition. He has published in major peer-reviewed journals, and presented his work at national and international conferences. Since 1995, Dr. McCandless has specialized in Neuroethology—the study of brain function during natural behavior and stimulation—with a focus on motivation, goal-directed behavior, navigation and spatial orientation, gaining extensive experience in the direct investigation and analysis of the neurophysiological systems underlying the structure and causes of behavior, as well as non-invasive brain imaging methods. Prior to joining Sentient Decision Science, Dr. McCandless led comprehensive, multimodal Path-to-Purchase research initiatives for Fortune 500 clients and conducted cutting-edge, Federally-sponsored research into the neural bases of narrative and persuasion.


Stephen X. Springfield, Sr. Vice President

Stephen is a brand consultant & author with 25 years of experience spanning CPG, Foodservice & Entertainment, with executive roles at both Coca-Cola & PepsiCo. In his current role, Stephen leads the Brand Consulting Division for Sentient Decision Science where he works with internal scientists as well as the broader academic community to apply the latest scientific human understanding to marketing practice. Prior to Sentient, Stephen spent 17 years at Frito-Lay as an internal strategist and consultant for some of the world’s largest ($1B+) brands. With Frito-Lay, Stephen created the category expansion strategy that enabled Doritos to expand beyond tortilla chips, he built both a portfolio strategy and analytics practice as well as PepsiCo’s global brand positioning framework, highlighted in the penultimate chapter of: Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory & Practice.


Clint Taylor, VP, Strategic Technologist

Clint Taylor is Vice President, Strategic Technologist for Sentient Decision Science, bringing nearly 20 years of experience and vision in creating the world’s leading implicit research subscription service, Sentient Prime®. Clint has combined web, software and mobile development, marketing strategy, user experience, data mining and analysis, and creative direction to produce data-driven solutions for industries including telecommunications, travel & tourism, retail, finance, professional sports, entertainment and more. At Sentient, Clint leads the charge in creating a globally scalable, cutting edge technology platform that executes implicit consumer behavior research while remaining true to the underlying scientific methods.


Nathaniel Decker, Ph.D., Behavioral Scientist

Dr. Nathaniel Decker is a behavioral scientist at Sentient Decision Science. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive, Neural, and Social Psychology with a focus on the psychology of Judgment and Decision Making. His previous research centered around understanding the impact of embodied cognition and human motivation in complex decision environments. He has deep knowledge of subconscious research methods and how they integrate with standard market research tools to better understand the driving motivations behind consumer attitudes and behaviors through improved predictive models and simulations. In addition, he is a heavy contributor to Consumer Subconscious Research Lab initiatives at Sentient; designing and analyzing experiments to advance human knowledge in implicit research, including improving best practices and available tools used to measure the conscious and subconscious using the Sentient Prime® technology.